Saltwater Rod Suggestions

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Saltwater Rod Suggestions

Post by Luc42 »

I’m looking for a two piece saltwater spinning rod that can cast 1/2oz and up. Something for a bait and wait approach. Does anyone have any suggestions that’s not going to break the bank?
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Re: Saltwater Rod Suggestions

Post by OOlicon »

You've described the vast majority of cheap poles out there.
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Re: Saltwater Rod Suggestions

Post by Luc42 »

Ok, so I’m pretty new into this fishing world. Everything I’m looking up is a surf rod that’s anywhere from 8-10ft. I’m looking for a rod that is a bit smaller in size but able to cast out weights more than 1oz. I’m looking to use it for soaking bait in the bays.
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Re: Saltwater Rod Suggestions

Post by Carpkiller »

Hi Luc,

It seems like we're overcomplicating this....and we are....but there really isn't one setup for overall bay fishing. And nobody wants to give you bad advice.

If you put a small piece of squid or whatever on your hook and toss it out, you might hook a half-pound yellowfin croaker or a 75 pound bat ray.

Are you looking for a rod to match a reel that you already have?
Or are you looking for a rod and reel combo?
I am assuming you want a two-piece because they're easier to transport and store, is that correct?

I (and a lot of other people) like Penn Fierce reels. And they sell 'em in combos with different rod lengths, and a few are two piece. there's an 8 foot, two piece medium-heavy that's supposed to handle 3/4 to 2 ounce weight.

there is also a 7 foot 2 piece, 1/4 to 1 oz weight, with a 4000 size reel that might be better, for sand bass and whatever else eats your bait. And you could ...could use it for chucking lures if you get into that, but it's on the big heavy side for casting all day.

The Penn setups can be found here: ... nt=1558670

They cost between 100 and 120 bucks.

If you want a rod that'll chuck 1 to 2 ounce weights, using 12 to 16 lb line, I have a two piece 7 foot spinning rod (A shakespeare tidewater...inexpensive) paired with a vintage Daiwa reel (ancient, but works great). It would work for fish like guitarfish, leopard sharks, and medium sized bat rays...and anything smaller that eats your bait. You can have the rod or the reel or trade for two 2-liter bottles of diet Dr. Pepper.

Let me know if you want to look at what I've got. I'm in Santee....

Rob (Carpkiller)....
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Re: Saltwater Rod Suggestions

Post by camobass »

This time of year, ugly stick has some pretty awesome deals and their inshore rods are nice.
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Re: Saltwater Rod Suggestions

Post by Gotfish? »

So are you looking to fish purely from the shore? What is your budget? Rule of thumb is that it generally is about the same $ as the reel or a bit less.

Places I would shop:
Walmart (limited selection, you need to know what to look for). Some Walmarts have better selection than others, Carpkiller knows them by heart.
Turners: they will give advice too. Will be more $ than Walmart for sure though.
Big 5: low end but it might fit your budget. Not likely to get advice there.
Any of the freshwater tackle shops, also more $
If you are in the north LA area, then by all means stop in the Bass Pro Shop there.

Big 5 and Walmart will be <$100. Turners and most freshwater shops will be mostly >$100. There are various tackle swap meets too that happen. Or ask on this site if anyone has a rod to sell or give away.

For the bay, you can use a freshwater bass rod. Personally, I do not like 2 piece rods unless >8' and most of them tend to be on the lower cost end.

If I fish the surf (not often) for perch, I use a 9' 2 piece graphite rod for salmon fishing with a 2500 size reel. On my float tube in the bay, I use a 7' 1 piece graphite rod with the same 2500 size reel. For line, I like 10-15# J-braid or Gliss with a 10 lb fluorocarbon leader so I can cast really far.

Nothing wrong with going inexpensive to start with; for a bait and wait approach, it is going to work fine. You do want to get a ceramic insert for the tip at least. Better rods have ceramic inserts for all the guides but the tip is the one that matters the most.
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Re: Saltwater Rod Suggestions

Post by Likem Reel »

2 PC 8-10ft spinner...
Smaller rod that can cast 1oz bait and wait for the bays...
Won't break the bamk...

Check out Okuma Celilo A Series. I have two of them and use them a lot. 8'5" spinner is the shortest I think, but they are on sale right now on Okuma's website.
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