Does line opacity matter when fishing?

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Does line opacity matter when fishing?

Post by diitrii »

Hello, I'm new to fishing, and I currently have two green rods with neon yellow line that's good for visibility. I've been told by some other people in the community that the fish can actually pay attention to my line when I cast it out and that they won't go for my rod, but then I've also read on forums that the opacity of the fishing line doesn't matter and that fish mainly pay attention to the vibrations of the line + bait itself over anything else. I was just wondering if I should invest in a darker colored line or not. My line currently is some braided neon yellow line that can hold a significant amount of weight and is hard to break.
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Re: Does line opacity matter when fishing?

Post by Gotfish? »

Depends. You don't say what you are fishing for. Still fishing for catfish or carp with bait, probably not. Fishing crankbaits or other reaction baits for bass, probably not. Fishing drop shot in clear water for bass: definitely. Dry fly fishing for trout: definitely.

Braided bright colored line with a fluorocarbon leader has advantages. Easy to watch the line for subtle bites but has low visibility line to the lure. And low pound test line has less visibility than stronger line, other things equal. Some people use long leaders but I rarely use anything longer than 3'. Best knot from braid to fluorocarbon is the FG knot. Seems complicated but not hard once you get used to it.
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