What knot is the strongest for minijig

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Re: What knot is the strongest for minijig

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I use either improved clinch, palomar or perfection loop.
More importantly, if you're line is breaking a lot, check for a cracked guide! I was in panama fishing and I kept snapping my line and was going nuts and started blaming the guy who spooled up my reel until I realized I had a damaged guide that was abrading my line. Cut the guide off the rod and never broke another line the rest of the trip. If course here in civilization, you can replace the guide before your next trip haha but out there, it's gotta come off or retire the rod for the trip.
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Re: What knot is the strongest for minijig

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The old damaged guide. I have been a victim more than once! Good tip
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Re: What knot is the strongest for minijig

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Huluman wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2024 2:33 pm For attaching a mini jig when fishing, the improved clinch knot is often considered one of the best choices. It's strong, reliable, and easy to tie, making it perfect for securing small lures like mini jigs. Plus, it maintains a high level of strength, crucial for ensuring your line doesn't break when you hook a fish.

Fish N Fool knot is also another option
Claims that a knot is >100% are misleading at best. There is no knot that breaks at a higher level than the breaking strength of a line (and how would you know how much over 100% if it did since the line would break 1st?). That misleading claim is based on the knot breaking strength versus the rated strength of the line (but they don't tell you that). The actual breaking strength of the line is often significantly above the rated strength unless it is IGFA rated in which case the breaking strength is slightly less than rated strength.

Nothing wrong with either of the 2 knots though.
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